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  Is your Website Riddled with Errors?
That's bad news and you need to fix it.

by Jerry McTigue

Lipstick smudge and shirt

Your Website, Like You, Should Be Blemish-Free

Would you show up for a job interview with a lipstick smudge on your front tooth? A stain on your shirt? Then why display a website riddled with typos, grammatical errors, word widows, uneven spacing, inconsistently formatted text, and other irritating distractions?

Unfortunately, the bar has been set really low for these kinds of things. Which makes for a distasteful visitor experience. Yet many marketers either don't care or think this is an acceptable level of presentation.

And that's a good thing for you. Why? Because when you clean up the typographical mess that may be your website, you'll stand out like a newly minted coin in a jar of tarnished pennies.  

Strive to make your web copy as readably perfect as it is engagingly written. You'd be surprised how many people notice these things and how it reflects positively on your credibility and reputation.

It takes a professional eye and a minimal amount of time to get it right. Demand nothing less from your content provider.

Other Costly Copywriting Mistakes

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