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Garage Gear


Re: your messy garage

(Email Body)

How to turn frightful...into delightful.

The reason so many garages are so messy, there's no place to put anything! Nothing your lawn equipment, bikes, nuts, bolts, toys, and tools can call home. So it all just kind of piles up on each other.

Garage Gear has a dedicated place for everything. And we mean everything. Just tell us what you have (make a list) and we'll tap our more than 400 cabinets and storage units to design a custom system that will accommodate it all. Beautifully. Neatly. And permanently. Just go to:

You won't find anything like our extensive selection of storage solutions. Or anything as durably made. (All come with a lifetime guarantee.) Because if you want to get rid of the clutter at last, you need a system that's built to last. Find the Garage Gear dealer nearest you at:

Every square foot of your garage is valuable and productive space. Why not make the most of it?

Click this link to finally conquer the clutter:

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(Subject box)

John, did you remember to take your Lipitor?

(Email body)

The reason we’re asking, John, is this:

Now you can earn valuable reward points just for 
taking your Lipitor as your doctor prescribed. 

Seriously. We’re launching a new program called Healthy Habits Rewards. Simply sign up and you can earn points redeemable for all sorts of fabulous free gifts. And you don’t have to buy anything, fly anywhere or stay anywhere. Just take your Lipitor as directed! 

Sound good? It is. Learn more here.

That’s not all. With our Healthy Habits Rewards you’ll also enjoy:

* Customizable Email and Text Reminders so you won’t forget to take your medication and miss out on valuable reward points.   

* Daily Health Tips  To help you feel better, eat better, live better.

* Fun Quizzes, Drawings and Competitions  You can win prizes, too!

* And Much More.  And it’s all FREE with your Lipitor prescription.

Why? To help you get into, well, healthy habits. But hurry, only a select group has been invited and only the first 100 to sign up can participate.

So, are you interested?


Lipitor Health Prize Email Promotion

Pristine Financial Webinars Email Message

Pristine Financial Webinars Email

Google Riches


To all of you skeptics out there…

(Email Body)

Fellow skeptic,

First, let me dispel the inevitable doubts. Like: if the work-at-home system I'm contacting you about is so incredibly profitable, why reveal its secrets to you, a potential competitor?

And: why am I devoting resources to promoting it, instead of just making more money with the system itself? Well, actually I'm doing both. And very successfully. But let me get to the first question.

The system is Google Riches, the one that for over five years has been helping thousands of people accumulate substantial wealth selling products as affiliates with Google pay-per-click advertising. It's all explained at:

Other systems come and go. But this one rocks on. Because it works. And keeps working. With new users signing up and raking in cash commissions every day.

So wouldn't that saturate the market? Steal sales from me? Not a chance. There are literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of fantastic products and services out there, desperately sought after by millions of prospects you can reach at the exact moment they want them. The opportunities are endless. It's a perpetual money machine and this program will show you how to run it successfully. Step by step. You can try it RISK-FREE:

Okay, to answer the second question: I'm promoting this because of all the great products I earn commissions on, this system is one of the very best. Look, it's changing lives. Making thousands of people independently wealthy. I'd be crazy not to promote it. You will too.

You can be up and running today. No product, no email list, no website required. You don't have to make sales pitches, take orders (in both senses of the word), deal with complaints. Work wherever in the world you want, whenever you want. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a few hours of your time each week. Can you deal with that?

I've said enough. Now it's up to you.


P. S. Remember, you can try this system risk-free. I was skeptical, too. No more. You'll soon know why.

Google Riches Email Message

Advertising Specialty Institute Catalogs Email

Advertising Specialty Institute Catalogs Email

Administrator Magazine Email Promotion

Scholastic Administrator Magazine Email Promotion

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