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  White Papers: Marketing's Missing in Action

by Jerry McTigue

White Papers 

Great. You've got a knockout website. Clever ads. Explosive email blasts. A lively social media presence.


But where are your white papers? Do you even know what a white paper is? Better find out. Because a white paper is an essential component of your marketing campaign. Without it you're just a lot of hype…with nothing that sets you apart as an expert in your field.


Quickly, a white paper is an objective report, guide, article, or commentary on a particular aspect of your business. The key word is here "objective." This is not advertising. It should be honest, factual and (this is where many white papers fall short) engaging. It informs your audience in a way no advertising can. Knowledge and advice they rely on to make sound purchasing decisions.


White papers foster a strong and trustworthy relationship among your clientele. They establish you as a thought leader in your industry and boost the credibility of your products and services.


White Papers Are All-Purpose, Too.


Media Word CloudMany trade magazines will publish your white paper as an article, an invaluable source of free publicity and an explicit endorsement of your expertise. Of course, you'll want to feature the white paper on your website. And include a link to it, with a brief description of its contents, in your emails, on social media, and in other correspondence. Or send out a press release announcing its publication, making it an event in itself.


White papers also make great handouts at trade shows, on sales calls, or in press kits. Or throw them in an envelope and snail-mail to a list of your prime prospects and customers. You see the kind of legs white papers can have.


Don't Draw a Blank When It Comes to White Papers


Make them an integral part of your marketing mix. They will pay for themselves many times over in product awareness, brand image and business integrity.


See what a white paper looks like.

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